• All patients must be current on Rabies vaccinations. (We require proof of vaccinations from previous hospital if not given here)
  • The pet must be fasted. No food or treats after 6 pm the night before the appointment. Water is ok.

Please drop off between 8-9 AM the morning of the appointment. We perform dentistries Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday by appointment only.

  • Most pets will go home that afternoon.
  • Antibiotics will be dispensed ($25-45) and will depend on number of days doctor prescribes for and size of pet.


  • A pre-anesthetic profile (bloodwork) $68.00 (if bloodwork has been performed in the last 3 months, it is not required)
  • IV catheter (for emergency access) $35.00
  • Dental Cleaning Prices:


Weight Price
0-20 lbs $90
21-50 lbs $95
51-70 lbs $98
 71-90 lbs  $100
90 lbs & Over  $108

Cats $90



  • The technician may ask you if you’d like your pet to have an Oravet treatment. This is applied to the teeth at the end of the dental procedure and is a dental sealant that helps to block the build up of plaque and tartar. The Oravet application costs $30-50 depending on the size of the pet.
  • Once your pet has had their mouth examined under anesthetic, the doctor may recommend taking digital dental x-rays. The cost of dental x-rays is $60
  • Once the dental x-rays have been completed, the doctor may recommend extracting teeth. The cost of this varies depending on the size of the tooth and degree of decay.
  • Canine teeth $75-175 per tooth
  • 1 rooted teeth $25-35 per tooth
  • 2 rooted teeth $45-95 per tooth
  • 3 rooted teeth $100-175 per tooth
  • Before we do any difficult extractions, we need to perform a clotting profile which costs $35
  • Some pets may also need to be given IV fluids during the procedure. This is done to rehydrate them and to increase and maintain the blood pressure during the anesthetic. The cost of IV fluids is $30